Valerie Savage

Burlesque clown, jazz singer, pizza lover


Show off

An homage to the glamour of old Hollywood, in this lip sync strip Valerie plays a retiring actress who simply could not show off in front of an audience any more. 

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send in the clowns

A very fancy high art piece. You wouldn't understand it. It's definitely not a comedy*. 

(*It is)

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The millennial's courting method, this is a fun run through of your favourite TV themes while getting ready for an evening of 'Netflix & chill'.

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marie's last party

Marie Antoinette is having one last bash before her execution, and her conscience is coming along too. Spoilers: her conscience is a puppet who looks like Sia.

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love me/love me not

A down and dirty 1950s bump and grind act

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a lovely night (with dolly trolley)

The archetypical MGM musical dance number where the couple are desperately trying to believe they aren't actually in love.