Valerie Savage

Burlesque clown, jazz singer, pizza lover

Immediately intriguing, it is exciting to watch visionary acts from such a strong and authentic character
— Sadie Sinner the Songbird, curator of The Cocoa Butter Club
Cheekily funny and charismastic
— ONIN London
Like a walking Dr Seuss character
— Pi the Mime, London cabaret performer
Valerie is a seasoned singer and her voice is fantastic
— OUTinPerth
Tigz Rice Studios Valerie Savage


Valerie Savage is an MGM musical starlet who discovered Netflix and pizza, bringing you high glamour and a low bar for comedy. The facial dexterity of Lucille Ball and the curves of a complex maths equation, she'll steal your heart and keep it in a jar on her windowsill. No, Darren, you can't have it back.

A trained actress and jazz singer, Valerie has brought her signature charm and comedic prowess to stages across Australia and the UK through her burlesque routines, cabaret show Savage & Sons, and solo show Valerie Savage Doesn't Understand Love.